Mets ton beste Clèt’che. In the heart of the Carnival of Dunkirk.

Published by Marie Lempereur on

Temporary exhibition. Until 25 augustus 2019.

The «bande des pêcheurs», the visschersbende (group of the fishermen), a compact, disparate crowd forming a colourful kaleidoscope, is at the centre of the carnival of Dunkirk. Within this «bande», the population as well as the tourists get physically involved in a huge collective chahut.

This «organized mess» conducted by a drum major attracts each year tens of thousands of participants and visitors.

Discover “Mets ton beste Clèt’che” (Put on your best costume) and immerse yourself in the heart of the festivities of Dunkirk via a rich and diversified itinerary combining painted photographs and video projections with more than 70 disguises!

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