TICUNA. A people of the Amazon

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic that forced the Museum to temporarily close its doors to the public, the TICUNA – People of the Amazon exhibition will be extended until August 30, 2020.

In order to build up a collection of masks, costumes and objects related to the masked rituals of this ethnic group, the Museum has been working for about ten years with Daniel De Vos, an ethnologist doing a lot of fieldwork and who is passionate about the Ticuna people. In this way, it has been possible to gather more than 150 pieces which, for the very first time, will be presented in one single exhibition.

With the help of Daniel De Vos, a very special relation has developed over the years between the Ticuna and the Museum. The acquisition of these pieces is something absolutely exceptional given the remoteness of the Ticuna village and their still completely traditional way of life. Even if there are Ticuna living in Peru and Colombia, most of them are concentrated in Brazil where they form the largest Amerindian ethnic group with 35.000 members.

The exhibition is a true immersion in TICUNA mythology and presents not only the contextual aspects and the daily life of the tribe, but also the masked ritual of the Feast of the New Girl. One section of the exhibition will also be dedicated to the Ticuna’s struggle for the official demarcation of their territory in which Pedro Inácio was one of the iconic figures. His death in July 2018 prompted us to organize this exhibition in his honour.

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