Carnivals and folklore of Wallonia

Published by Marie Lempereur on

Wallonia is a land of folk traditions. The Walloons are very attached to their rich folklore.

Depending on the region, this folklore includes “ducasses” (fairs), marches, processions, carnivals, “grands feux” (bonfires) etc. Each community has developed its own characteristics and variants.

This colourful permanent gallery invites you to discover not only the diversity of the Walloon traditions, but also the similarities between the different festivals.

The Blancs Moussis coming out on the streets in Stavelot on Laetare, the Macralles of Vielsalm, the marchers of Saint Roch, the Carnival prince of Hélécine and many more are awaiting you from 15th January in a brandnew scenography.

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